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New solid hair care products

We are happy to say that the family of solid hair care products of Magrada has two new superheroes.

Margus Vaher on men’s looks and health

Let us present, the one and only – Margus Vaher!

Epp Kärsin: Balance and self-awareness – the beauty secrets of a happy woman!

What are Epp’s beauty tips? Read more in the article!

Skin and hair care for men: quick and easy tips that are suitable for any man

Are there really differences between products aimed at one or the other gender? Let’s find out!

Your go-to hair care routine in autumn

Master stylist Edith Eller and brand manager of Magrada Kaire Miiter share tips for restoring your dull tresses after the summer heat.

Secret to a long-lasting tan

Why is carrot oil good for you? How to get the most out of the oil? How does tanning oil work? What does this botanical oil do? Find out about the new summer post!

CEO of Magrada Kaire Miiter: 2 months and –22 centimetres. How did I do it?

As the brand manager of Magrada, it is a pleasure to create products considering their own needs, and one of my biggest wishes was to bring to customers a cellulite product that really works.

Exfoliation as a beauty ritual

As we age, the rate of cell renewal slows down, which is why exfoliation becomes an increasingly important activity in skin care.

How to read the markings, symbols, and ingredients on packaging

Reading any package can be confusing at times. In this post, we explain how to decode packing lists.

Reflecting on 2020

Magrada brand manager Kaire Miiter shares her thoughts from last year. As we transition from one year to another, I like to take a moment to look back and reflect on the year that’s been – what I’m grateful for, the memories, accomplishments and the experience. Last year was unusual, more than ever, full of […]