Magrada and Sustainability

Magrada and Sustainability

For us, safeguarding the environment is non-negotiable.

We champion completely biodegradable, natural ingredients

We opt for 100% recyclable plastic, aluminum, and glass

Wherever possible, recycled packaging is our go-to.

Eco-Conscious Components

At Magrada, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a core value intricately woven into our beauty philosophy. Our cosmetics are born from handpicked natural ingredients sourced through fair trade and organic farming whenever feasible. These potent elements hail from the mystical nature of Hiiumaa, an ancient island. Crafting our products in small batches ensures eco-friendly production, minimizing manufacturing waste.

Harnessing the Power of Pure Ingredients

Our ingredients? Skin-friendly and 100% biodegradable. They steer clear of mineral oils, parabens, artificial colorants, and silicones. Our environmentally savvy packaging boasts recycled and plant-based plastics that find their way back into the recycling stream.

Caring for Animals

An unwavering ethos: our heartfelt care for animals. We stand firm against animal testing throughout any phase of ingredient sourcing or the final product development. Their welfare remains a priority in our ethical code.

Every Step, Mindfully Taken

When shipping, we make eco-smart choices, utilizing surplus paper from printing houses that’d otherwise be thrown away. Delicate goods? They snugly travel in biodegradable granules that dissolve harmlessly in water. Even our cosmetic bags come to life from manufacturing leftovers, combating the substantial textile waste generated yearly. Our decisions are rooted in eco-friendly solutions.

We actively encourage the recycling of cardboard and glass packaging in adherence to local waste management guidelines.