Magrada Founder Kaire Miiter

Meet Founder of Magrada: Kaire


I hail from the enchanting landscapes of Hiiumaa, where nature is more than just scenery—it’s a part of who I am. My childhood was a tapestry woven with adventures in forests, meadows, and by the sea, all shared with my mother. Those moments sculpted my love for the incredible nature that thrived in my homeland.

Early on, I discovered the allure of beauty. Sneaking into my mother’s makeup stash was my playground, where I uncovered hidden treasures. Magazine clippings and the latest trends became pages in my secret beauty bible.

My grandmother’s work in the local pharmacy was my gateway to herbal wisdom—a legacy I cherish.

– Kaire, Magrada of Founder

Blossoming of Magrada Organic Cosmetics

Back in 1998, Kaire, the visionary behind Magrada, embraced motherhood for the first time. It was Lisanna’s sensitive, allergy-prone skin that sparked the quest for skin-friendly, natural alternatives. This quest birthed a brand devoid of unnecessary chemicals, trademarked in 2015. Today, Kaire and Lisanna collaborate, crafting cherished beauty essentials.

Our beauty ethos is rooted in ecological purity and tantalizing scents. Our passion? Crafting pure, highly effective beauty essentials.

— Kaire, Magrada of Founder

My Core Values and Ethical Standards

Embracing a sustainable, organic lifestyle, I am devoted to crafting safe, clean, and potent beauty solutions. Every product is a personal testament; I ensure 100% satisfaction before sharing it with others.

Magrada’s essence revolves around purity, efficacy, and unique components. Handcrafted from fresh raw materials and infused with medicinal herbs from Hiiumaa, Nordic extracts, and top-notch cold-pressed oils from Southern Europe. This synergy performs magic.

Walking this path feels right. The overwhelming positivity from our beloved patrons and esteemed professionals is immensely gratifying. Recognitions from global beauty forums are truly humbling.

Fun Fact: Magrada means ‘I like’ in Catalan.

— Kaire, Magrada of Founder