Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is valid from 23.02.2020.

  1. General terms

1.1. The privacy policy of Magrada OÜ establishes the principles by which Magrada OÜ processes the personal data of their customers.

1.2. The privacy policy of the Magrada OÜ applies to all customers and users, who purchase the goods and products from online store (hereinafter: Online Store) and visit the Online Store.

1.3. Personal data is used to best serve our customers and to comply all contractual relationships and legal obligations.

1.4. All personal data transmitted to Magrada OÜ is confidential and shall not be disclosed to third parties.

  1. Data processing and Access

2.1. We process personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Use (

2.2. Magrada OÜ, Maksekeskus AS and the postal service providers have access to the customer’s data. We forward the customer’s full name, telephone number, e-mail address and parcel machine information to the postal service provider (Omniva or SmartPOST) to send the goods.

2.3. Maksekeskus AS processes personal data in its day-to-day business. As a data controller, Maksekeskus AS receives personal data directly from the data subject (“you”).

2.4. Magrada OÜ may use third party service providers in processing your personal data that provide required services such as software development, marketing, providers of payment and postal services.

2.5. Magrada OÜ has right to forward personal data to supervision, investigation, and law enforcement agencies in the cases provided for in legislation.

  1. Collection and Purposes of Personal Data

3.1. Magrada OÜ collects your personal data when you form and purchase from Online Store and from the newsletter subscribers.

3.2. The customer’s full name, e-mail address, address, telephone number and the parcel terminal name are required to fill the Online Store order. With the purpose of completing the correct order for the customer and the timely delivery of these goods with the postal service provider.

3.3. We use the email address of our newsletter subscribers to send advertising announcements via email. People who have given their consent will receive the newsletter. Consent is obtained through the home page of the website, where the customer has entered his/ her email in the given field. We collect data to inform our customers about the products. You may opt out of email offers and newsletters at any time by notifying the us via email or following the instructions in the email containing the offers.

3.4. Magrada OÜ processes your personal data for the following purposes:

  • communication with the customer, analysis of customer relationships;
  • entry into and performance of the contract entered into with the customer;
  • responding to the customer’s inquiries;
  • completing orders;
  • marketing through the newsletter;
  • development of services and the website;
  • drawing up sales statistics;
  • fulfilling legal obligations.
  1. Retention and Deletion of Personal Data 

4.1. Magrada OÜ retains your personal data as long as this is required for fulfilling the customer relationship between the Magrada OÜ and the customer or for fulfilling another similar relationship.

4.2. We will retain your personal data until your consent for processing of the personal data is withdrawn or for legal purposes for the duration of the periods provided for in the legislation from the date of the customer’s last purchase.

4.3. Upon the expiry of the retention period, personal data shall be deleted.

4.4. After the customer’s personal data deletion process is completed, Magrada OÜ will not retain any of the customer’s personal data in general.

4.5. The customer shall always have the right to request and receive information regarding the use and retention of the customer’s personal data. To request such information, send an email to Upon receipt of such request, Magrada OÜ undertakes to respond accordingly.

4.6. The customer shall have the right to demand the deletion of his/ her data ahead of time.

4.7. The customer has the right to request the correction of his/ her data and to object to the processing of personal data and to withdraw his/ her consent to the processing of data.

  1. Protection of personal data

5.1. Magrada OÜ uses modern and sufficient security measures in the collection, retention, and processing of personal data, which protect the personal data saved on the websites from unauthorised access, amendment, disclosure or destruction. Only authorised persons can access, change and process the personal data.

  1. Cookies

6.1. Magrada Online Store uses cookies.

6.2. Cookies are used to collect information about how the website is used by the user with an aim to provide a better user experience.

6.3. You can opt out of cookies at any time by changing your device’s web browser settings and deleting your saved cookies.

6.4. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a visitor’s computer or device. This allows to remember and adjust to a visitor’s preferences (shopping cart, login, language preference, settings etc.) to avoid re-entering data when re-visiting a web page or navigating from one page to another.

6.5. Magrada Online Store uses the following cookies:

  • technical cookies ensure the navigation of the website and the use of basic functions;
  • session cookies with an aim to enable the use of the website;
  • permanent cookies with an aim to remember the customer’s preferences on the website;
  • first and third party cookies with an aim to display appropriate advertising and offers to the customer;
  • third party analytics cookies with an aim to optimise marketing communication.
  • Advertising cookies are used by websites to serve ads targeted to the user’s interests. The cookies help to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

6.6. Restrict or decline cookies

6.6.1. Users have the ability to disable cookies by changing the privacy settings in browser that allows them to refuse all or some cookies from being stored on their computer or device.

6.6.2. Blocking all cookies may help to protect the privacy of the user, but also restricts access to some websites, so you may not be able to access our website and some of its features. Based on user’s experience, a user may only allow cookies on the trustworthy websites.

6.6.3. The following links will guide how to configure common browsers for cookies and security settings:

6.7. In addition to the analytics cookies, Web Store also use pixels, which are used to monitor the use of the website. This does not include processing of personal data that would enable identifying the person.

6.8. Magrada OÜ reserves the right to change this Cookie Policy at any time. The valid Cookie Policy is posted on our website.

  1. Amendment and complement of the Privacy Policy 

7.1. Magrada OÜ has the right to amend or complement the privacy policy at any time. The approved version will be published on the day of approval on our website

7.2. The valid version of the privacy policy is always available on the website.

7.3. Purchasing from Magrada Online Store as a natural person, the privacy policy valid at the time of purchase shall apply.

  1. Customer Rights

8.1. You have a right to inquire about personal data from Magrada OÜ at any time, to request transmit, amendment or deletion of your personal data.

8.2. Please submit any requests concerning processing of your personal data by e-mailing

8.3. Magrada OÜ has right to reject your request if your identity cannot be verified or if the personal data cannot be transmitted securely.

8.4. Magrada OÜ has right to refuse to satisfy your request for deletion of the personal data if the obligation to process the personal data arises from a valid contract, applicable law, or if it is required for the preparation of legal claims.

  1. Submission of claims

9.1. If the customer finds that Magrada OÜ is violating customer’s rights in the processing of personal data, customer has the right to contract Magrada OÜ by sending a complaint to or the Data Protection Inspectorate (


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