About the Brand

Magrada Story


Magrada mirrors generations of passion for nature and beauty. A heartfelt venture led by the dynamic mother-daughter duo, Kaire and Lisanna, bringing you spa-quality beauty care that truly works.

Our roots sprawl far and wide, reaching the ancient soils of Hiiumaa—one of the world’s oldest islands. Hiiumaa, frozen in time, harbors pine-kissed forests, crystalline seawater, and bewitching meadows. It’s here, amidst our homeland’s allure, that creative sparks and the finest ideas are born.

Fun Fact: Magrada, Catalan for ‘I like,’ embodies our sheer joy and passion for our creations.

— Kaire, Magrada of Founder

One with Nature. One with Beauty.

In 1998, Magrada’s tale begun with Kaire’s entry into motherhood. Lisanna’s delicate, allergic skin nudged the quest for natural, skin-friendly remedies. Thus, Magrada bloomed—an emblem of purity, free from unnecessary chemicals, trademarked in 2015. Today, Kaire and Lisanna work together, curating beloved beauty essentials.

Our beauty signature epitomizes ecological purity and captivating fragrances. Our ethos revolves around crafting immaculate, highly potent beauty essentials.

— Kaire, Magrada of Founder

Our Philosophy

Internationally award-winning, Magrada’s range mirrors nature’s prowess, exuding high standards and ethical values. Each creation springs from a family-oriented approach, addressing our own skin and hair concerns.

We strive to fuse nature and beauty via minimalist recipes, potent ingredients, and unparalleled quality. Handcrafted in Northern Europe, each product bears the hallmark of meticulous attention. Nordic treasures—juniper, cranberry, lemon balm, marigold, oak, lime blossom, and elderflower—honor centuries-old local beauty rituals.

My grandmother’s work in the local pharmacy was my gateway to herbal wisdom—a legacy I cherish.

— Kaire, Magrada of Founder

Considering our Environment

Sustainability is at the core of every Magrada creation, a testament to our commitment to both beauty and our planet. We champion the belief that restoration and strength lie in our conscientious actions. Our formulas are enriched with organically certified plant-based elements and wild-grown components. Opting for waterless products, we offer a sustainable alternative.

We take special care to ensure that all our products are sustainable, pure, ecological, effective, and pleasantly aromatic.

— Kaire, Magrada of Founder