Reflecting on 2020

Magrada brand manager Kaire Miiter shares her thoughts from last year.

As we transition from one year to another, I like to take a moment to look back and reflect on the year that’s been – what I’m grateful for, the memories, accomplishments and the experience. Last year was unusual, more than ever, full of major changes and redevelopment.

Although there were many obstacles in my business and personal life caused by the global pandemic, it also taught me a lot and provided me with the opportunity to slow down and spend more quality time with my family. Last year I also became a grandmother for the first time, wonderful Mia was born into our family.

We tried to adapt to the new norm with the family. We tried to manage work, homework and everyday tasks. We dedicated time each day to getting some fresh air and enjoying the nature. which nourished the soul and gave new energy.

This experience has made me appreciate the little things in life so much more. Reminded me to not take things for granted, like hugging your friends and family, and spending the holidays with your loved ones. The changes resulting from the situation will probably be remembered for life.

Looking back, I feel 2020 was, after all, a eye-opening year. I am very grateful for those that have worked to help keep us all safe and healthy.

Stay safe and happy!

Kaire Miiter

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