Ingredients and Formulation

Everyone’s skin sensitivity is unique, so reactions to products may vary. We carefully select ingredients in our products to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. We recommend conducting a patch test before using new products and monitoring for any reactions. If an allergic reaction or discomfort occurs, we recommend discontinuing product use and consulting a doctor.

No, our products do not contain synthetic fragrances. We use natural fragrances derived from plants and oils, providing a pleasant scent while maintaining purity and naturalness.

We use Nordic ingredients such as plants, berries, and oils sourced from our local nature. In addition, we combine them with oils from the Mediterranean region known for their special properties in skincare. This way, we create products that combine the purity of the Nordic regions with the rich nutrients of the Mediterranean, offering the best results in skincare.

Yes, our products contain preservatives to ensure their stability and safety. These preservatives help prevent the growth of microorganisms in the products and extend their shelf life. Our goal is to use natural and skin-friendly preservatives, avoiding strong chemical preservatives like parabens. We often use natural alternatives, such as various plant extracts or antioxidants, to maintain product quality and freshness.

We place great importance on ensuring the effectiveness and quality of the ingredients used in our products. We carefully select all ingredients to ensure their high quality and efficacy. We use natural and pure ingredients known for their skincare benefits. Additionally, we source ingredients from reliable suppliers and continuously monitor their quality. Our goal is to create products that deliver real results and support natural beauty.

Our products are produced in small batches every 10-12 weeks to ensure maximum freshness. We believe that freshness is crucial for product effectiveness and quality. By manufacturing in small batches, we can pay special attention to details and ensure the highest quality in every product.

We use extracts and oils derived from Nordic ingredients such as juniper, cranberry, melissa, calendula, oak, linden blossom, and elderflower. These plants have been part of local beauty rituals for centuries and are known for their skin-nourishing and soothing properties. Magrada products combine traditional knowledge with modern scientific research to create effective and natural beauty products.

Our waterless product concept means that excess water is not used in product formulation. This provides an alternative to traditional cosmetics that often contain large amounts of water. This approach helps reduce water usage in the manufacturing process and offers consumers a more sustainable and economical choice.

Magrada products are created with consideration for the skin and hair problems experienced by our own families and loved ones. We believe that the best way to create effective and suitable products is to address real problems and needs. Therefore, in the development of our products, we take into account various skin and hair concerns and strive to find solutions to alleviate these specific issues. We use natural ingredients and knowledge in the field of skincare and haircare to create products that genuinely help with various problems.

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