From the creator of Magrada

I was born in a small island called Hiiumaa and the nature of this place is definetly in my genes. I spent a lot of time in the outdoors with my mother – in the woods, in the meadows and by the sea. It was her who taught me to cherish the beauty of our home island.

When I was five years old I made my very first natural product – toothpaste. Unfortunately I no longer remember what it was made of but I remember the awful taste and after the first time I couldn’t put it in my mouth anymore. Despite of that it wasn’t my last experiment.

The brand Magrada started five years ago in Pärnu. Magrada can be best described with the keywords ecological, pure and aromatic. The sensitive and allergic skin of my oldest child was the driving force behind my products because mothers want the best for their children. Nonetheless, Magrada products are suitable for use by everyone including allergic sufferers.

Magrada means “I like it” in Catalan language. I value organic lifestyle and I like safe, clean and effective body care. Our products are designed to awaken and emphasize the natural beauty of everyone! Magrada uses herbs harvested from the home island of Hiiumaa and pure and cold-pressed oils from Southern Europe – this combination works wonders.

Our raw materials are always fresh, and Magrada products are handmade to ensure their effectiveness and freshness. As a result of that, a color difference can be observed in the batch, depending on the season at which the raw material is harvested. I have to be 100 percent happy with all the products I make because only then I can be sure that others will also like it.

We have also carefully designed the packages for Magrada products. Customers have appreciated elegant and clean illustrations that even call to buy. Our products are honest and gentle to the environment – we do not use animal ingredients and our products are not tested on animals. Protecting and preserving the environment is also important to us with packaging that is chlorine-free. The paper owns the European Community Eco-label.

The history of Magrada may not  be long but to my great pleasure I feel that I am on the right track. I have received a lot of good feedback from my dear clients as well as attention from various professionals. These wins, which have already been picked up in Estonian and international beauty product competitions have been a great recognition for me.

-Kaire Miiter

Creator and CEO of the Magrada brand